About Us

A Structured Approach:  Meeting Data Center Monitoring Needs

Over the past two years, we have worked diligently to understand and evaluate our customers’ key requirements for solving their critical challenges in managing their data centers:

  • To automate their patching processes
  • To eliminate spreadsheets
  • To enable better forecasting decisions
  • To extend data center life
  • To monitor & improve power consumption
  • To improve cooling requirements
  • To schedule maintenance
  • And to enable simple report generation

We have carefully designed and developed a leading solution that addresses these challenges and offer greater values in cost reductions as well as help optimize their data center management models. Our portfolio includes ease-of-use tools, configurable dashboards, automated patch routing and hardware placement based on search criteria, easy to read reports and much more. DC1IMS provides an immediate ROI by reducing data center management time by nearly 20% annually. In addition, the DC1IMS solution allows you to model your forecasting and procurement dynamically, thus reducing deployment time of new assets by up to 50%.

Furthermore, as our customers adopt our platform, they immediately become empowered to achieve the following:

  • Implement best practices programs
  • Plan and forecast future data center growth
  • Streamline data center processes
  • Optimize data center infrastructure
  • Manage power consumption
  • Centralize critical information and reporting
  • Easy to use browser-based technologies
  • Obtain immediate ROI

Our Approach is to provide a product based on a modular principle allowing for easy implementation and growth as your data center grows.

Our Goal is to enable data center managers to automate the management of IT applications by monitoring server capacity as well as conditions within a data center’s physical infrastructure this optimizing the performance, reliability and efficiency of the entire data center.

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