Data Center Cable and Switch Port Manager

Device Patching & Infrastructure:  No Spreadsheets

As data centers have grown in size and have become more dynamic requiring rapid changes the need for more sophisticated infrastructure and patching management tools has become essential. With DC1IMS you can search, filter, sort and manage any aspect of your data center’s patches or wired infrastructure with familiarity and ease. By implementing a blend of spreadsheet functionality with high-end website technology everyone is accustomed to, you can pinpoint, trace and update properties and settings quickly and easily.

  • Manually input or imported patch list
  • Industry leading patching automation for ease device connections
  • Flexible and ease-to-use manual patching for special case connections

As you grow and your structure changes you can easily import and export information directly using multiple to multiple spreadsheet formats. This allows for widespread manipulation of system information by individuals outside of the system using other standard office applications. You’re not pigeonholed into maintaining everything using DC1IMS.

Understanding SAN and the SAN Fabric
Cabling is time consuming and expensive. The direction of data centers are now approaching infrastructure connectivity trough more cost effective FC SAN solutions involving SAN Switches, Data Routers, SAN Cables and FC Communications Protocol.

DC1IMS takes into consideration of this emerging technology and its implementation into existing infrastructures by:

  • Efficient switch port management
  • Proactive switch port capacity and planning
  • Top-of-Rack Hybrid Switch Support
  • Switch IP connect

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