DCIM Suite

Data Center Infrastructure Management Suite

DCIM:  Ease the Pain of Data Center Infrastructure Management

The DC1IMS product replaces spreadsheets and Visio diagrams with a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that contains the predictive intelligence and management controls data center professionals need to reduce operational risks and achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers. DC One’s DCIM product provides a unique combination of

  • Intelligent capacity planning that delivers actionable information for optimizing the use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of data center assets
  • Business process automation that improves availability and operational efficiencies

DC1IMS is specifically designed to help data center personnel make better decisions as they solve the complex problems they face every day. The DC1IMS solution helps data center management find those under-utilized IT assets, provides quicker Moves, Adds, and Changes to the physical infrastructure, and uses sophisticated automation to optimize the physical capacities of power, cooling and space while improving IT service delivery.

Our solution is built around the needs of our clients based on their request to fullfill a need, including ease-of-use tools, configurable dashboards, automated patch routing and hardware placement based on search criteria, easy to read reports and much more.

Our goal is to provide a product based on a modular principle allowing for easy implementation and growth as your data center grows. DC1IMS provides an immediate ROI by reducing data center management time by nearly 20% annually. In addition, the DC1IMS solution allows you to model your forecasting and procurement, dynamically reducing deployment time of new assets by up to 50%.

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