DC One understands that the highly evolving term DCIM varies from company to company as well as the departments within. A DCIM solution needs to be flexible enough to provide the needed information and functionality in order to streamline the day-to-day operations whether it is upper management or the data center technicians.

Our DC1IMS solution provides the flexibility and power to accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether it’s Easy to Read and Customizable Dashboards, insuring Risk Management, producing Power Consumption & Forecast Reports, managing Inventory Control, controlling the Data Center Footprint, managing Workflow Processes or simply Patch Automation, it’s all available in one simple to use package.

A comprehensive DCIM solution provides data center professionals with the visibility of all data center assets along with their connectivity and relationships. DCIM solutions provide data center professionals with the ability to discover, visualize, model, control, report, predict and manage all physical data center assets including the ability to simply deploy new assets and plan capacity for future growth. DCIM solutions can also help control energy costs, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency.
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