DCIM Dashboards

iDashboards:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Each department, each manager, each user has specific interest which pertain to their daily concerns and needs. It’s simply easier to start out with a simple and concise view of the information pertains to you. We understand.

DC1IMS allows each department or user to have a completely customizable dashboard while utilizing a wide variety of alerts, charts, graphs and gauges in order to quickly summarize everything that is happening pertaining to the areas of intrests in the data center which is important to them.

Export images of your dashboard to multiple image formats for use in presentations on or off site.  In addition, administrators can easily configure multiple facets of our application
designed for specific and specify alerts to
insure that their workflow is optimized to
the operations and procedures
already in place.

Your Needs… Your View!
DCIM User Dashboard

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