Process Automation

Bring better visibility, help in analyzing cost and providing precise and informative data to decision making processes.  No more scrolling through multiple spreadsheets or scanning over complex diagrams in order to plan your data center management processes.  DC1IMS automates many of what used to be time consuming task such as patch routing between servers, systems or zones and locating device placement based on needed space availability, power consumption thresholds and business unit assignments.

DC1IMS Process Automation helps you automate IT processes to:

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Monitor deployment processes
  • Enforce Best Practices polices

Our robust algorithms and backend intelligence will automatically supply you with intelligent information based on your needs. Whether it’s efficient routing of patches, the most readily available U-height or the best allocation of floor space, it’s simply not a manual process anymore. DC1IMS Projects module is designed to speed the delivery of IT services while helping to remove manual errors. By defining, automating and orchestrating processes across organizational silos that use disparate systems, DC1IMS Projects module helps improve productivity while also enforcing standards.

With DC1IMS’s project processing, you can automate IT processes that span multiple data centers, reduce the time it takes to manage deployment, and enforce standards and best practices policies within your working environment.

Careful planning and resource allocations are imperative when implementing Best Practices in your data center’s day-to-day processes. Our project management tools are exactly what you need to insure everything runs smoothly, everyone is informed and tasks are delegated correctly and evenly across your business units and staff.

Let DC1IMS do the work for you.

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