Rack Elevation Management

Elevating Rack Management:  Eliminate the Guess Work

There is a difference between understanding utilization within a single rack – capacity, power, and connectivity – and utilization of all racks across the data center as a whole. DC One realizes that data centers need a deeper understanding of the complex interrelationships between all racks and cabinets to truly serve the needs of the business.

DC1IMS provides insight into the available space and current utilization of your assets within every rack and row under management. Our approach to infrastructure management allows you to quickly view one or multiple racks at once with a simple swipe of a mouse and view hardware mounted in both the front and back at one time.

    • Automated Location Searches
    • Rack Elevation Management
Display Multiple Racks
  • Front and Back View Toggling

DC1IMS provides the most effective solution allowing users to
quickly see and manage devices placement and rack space
availability, plan for future procurements as well as inspect
every aspect of your installed hardware.


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