World Class Customer SupportSecond to none customer service

DC One has implemented state-of-the-art support systems and best-practice support processes which allows us to provide our customers the best customer support in the industry.

DC One Support Portal

The DC One Support Portal allows direct access to the DC One developers for both support and development.
The DC One Portal contains

  • Documentation
  • Product Requests Forms
  • User Forums
  • Issue Tracking
  • Information Wikis

Our Support Portal allows our customer to track feature request implementation or issue tracking from start to finish.  Customer receive email alerts as the status of their requests move from a new request, to a request in progress through to its completion.  Customers can also watch specific topics and be alerts on them as well.

Automated Software Updates

DC One provides the ability to automatically keep your software current and up-to-date.

Automated Data Backups

The DC One system allows you to easily backup your data to application server to to remote servers to provide data.

Cloud Data Backups

Depending on your needs, DC One can implement a cloud-based backup to further ensure data safety.

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